10 things to know before starting an Invisalign treatment

Having proven itself in recent years, the Invisalign treatment has become the alternative of choice to metal braces. This treatment, which is roughly the same price as other traditional orthodontic treatments, offers several advantages but also has some disadvantages. 

Let’s do an overview of the main points to consider before starting an Invisalign treatment with one of our dentists. 

What you absolutely need to know before starting treatment

Before starting the popular Invisalign treatment, there are a few essential points that should not be overlooked. Here’s what you need to know: 

  1. Invisalign offers the possibility of getting a preview of the final result during the first appointments with your orthodontist thanks to the unique technologies made available to you.
  2. The execution of the treatment is more concise than conventional orthodontics since the complete intervention can range from 6 to 18 months, depending on the complexity of the case to be treated.
  3. You will be happy to see that the Invisalign treatment requires fewer visits to your dentist, since fewer malocclusions form. Your oral health will therefore require less monitoring.
  4. The price of the treatment is not so much cheaper than traditional braces. However, it is a little faster in terms of duration.
  5. To be effective, it is absolutely necessary to keep the Invisalign aligners on for a minimum of 22 hours a day, every day. You can remove them only to eat or brush your teeth.
  6. Since the aligners must be worn for several hours a day, it is possible that you feel rushed during your meals or that you feel you must eat more quickly.
  7. In order to preserve your new smile once the treatment is finished, it will be important to wear retention devices overnight. Comparable to metal braces, these retainers will act like the metal wire that is installed at the end of an orthodontic treatment.
  8. The implementation of an Invisalign treatment requires some daily maintenance as well as safe storage in order to increase the life of your aligners.
  9. The Invisalign process consists of wearing a sequence of aligners, which will need to be changed every two weeks until the end of the treatment.
  10. The main advantage of this option lies in the fact that the aligners are invisible and that it is possible to eat all types of food without depriving yourself.

Invisalign treatment is a very interesting option if you want to improve the alignment of your teeth while being very discreet and particularly effective. Contact the dentists at Sourire Concept Dental Center to check if you are eligible for this type of treatment. They will be able to verify the complexity of the work to be done and will be able to guide you through this process


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