At Sourire Concept, advanced technology and innovation are an integral part of our commitment to excellence:

  1. Our sterilization devices are tested monthly by the service de bactériologie at Université de Montréal.
  2. Our intraoral cameras allow us to detect any potential problems and to share these images with you.
  3. We have all the professional photography equipment to take before and after pictures of your treatment.
  4. Our digital X-ray machines reduce rays by 70% compared to conventional radiography. We protect your health as well as our work environment by avoiding the use of toxic products. Digital radiography is instantaneous and time efficient. The images projected onto computer screens are clear and precise which cannot be compared to the tiny traditional X-rays.
  5. Our dental rooms are equipped with screens, which are conveniently placed for patients to be able to watch a program during the dental procedure(s). The children seem to really appreciate our selection of cartoons!

Some of the technologies used at Sourire Concept:


A revolutionary device that allows dentists to detect abnormalities in oral tissue, including cancerous and pre-cancerous cells, and this, before they are visible to the naked eye. Unlike other devices used for dental examinations, the VELscope does not require any prolonged testing. With the VELscope, an examination (or analysis) can be done in just two minutes during your routine dental exam.

Sonic Fill

It is an instrument that uses ultrasonic vibrations to fill dental cavities with composite resin in one quick & easy procedure therefore reducing the time you spend in the dentist’s chair.


We are equipped with the latest version of CEREC, called CEREC OMNICAM. In addition to being able to offer dental restorations, crowns and even bridges in one appointment, this device is able to take precise digital impressions of your teeth with its laser camera.

Mechanized Endodontics: Nickel-Titanium Rotating Files

Compared to the manual techniques used by dentists, this allows for root canal work to be more time efficient due to the electronic apex locators and the electric motors. Our patients appreciate that their dental procedure can be completed in one efficient appointment.