Maintaining & Cleaning Invisalign Aligners for Best Results

Invisalign® aligners have become a popular choice for straightening teeth discreetly and effectively. Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign® aligners are removable and transparent, offering a nearly invisible orthodontic solution.

If you have decided to start an Invisalign® orthodontic treatment, it is essential to know how to clean invisalign aligners and maintain them for optimal results. In this article, we share our Invisalign® maintenance tips for a worry-free treatment.


Invisalign® Braces: Tips and Best Practices

To ensure effective orthodontic treatment and optimal results, it is essential to maintain your Invisalign® aligners, here are our tips:


Aligneur dentaire se faisant nettoyer sous l'eau du robinet à l'aide d'une brosse à dent

Clean your aligners regularly

It is important to clean your Invisalign® aligners thoroughly and daily. This way, you prevent the formation of bacteria and bad odors. Use lukewarm water (not hot), a soft-bristled toothbrush and some mild, antibacterial soap to brush them.

Avoid using toothpaste, as it can scratch the aligners. Also, avoid using hot water to clean the aligners, as heat can deform them.


Use a specific cleaner

In addition to daily brushing, you can use a cleaner specifically designed for Invisalign® clear aligners such as Invisalign® cleaning crystals. A retainer cleaning solution or denture product can also work.

These cleaners are usually available as effervescent tablets or liquid solutions. Soak your aligners by following the manufacturer’s instructions for best results.


Rinse your aligners after each meal

Rinsing your dental aligners after each meal will help prevent stains and maintain the transparency of the orthodontic appliance.

It is important to brush and floss your teeth before replacing your aligners. Food particles trapped between your teeth and under the aligners could cause cavities and stain your aligners. By regularly brushing your teeth, you improve your oral health.


Avoid hot drinks when the aligners are in your mouth

Hot drinks like coffee or tea can deform Invisalign® aligners, as well as stain them. It is recommended to remove your aligners before consuming hot drinks and replace them once the drink has cooled.


Étui de transport en plastique contenant des aligneurs orthodontiques

Keep your aligners in their case when you are not wearing them

When you are not wearing your aligners, be sure to store them in their case. This will protect them from damage and prevent them from getting lost.


Avoid exposing them to extreme temperatures

It is not recommended to place your Invisalign® aligners in places exposed to high temperatures. These can deform the aligners, compromising their fit.


Stick to the treatment plan

For your Invisalign® treatment to be effective, it is essential to wear your aligners as directed by your orthodontist. Wear them for 22 hours a day and only remove them when you eat, drink or clean your teeth. By following your treatment plan, you are ensuring that you have optimal results.

Daily maintenance will keep your Invisalign® aligners clean, clear and in good condition throughout treatment. By performing the proper maintenance, you are on your way to getting the smile you have always wanted.

Are you still unsure if Invisalign® is the right orthodontic solution for your needs? Do not hesitate to schedule an appointment with us!


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