Denturology, dental prosthesis and revolutionary technological advances

Modern dentistry, the revolution of tools and technologies

Technological advances are constantly revolutionizing the world of modern dentistry and denturology. With the development of the intraoral scanner, it is now possible to take impressions of your entire mouth with exceptional precision. No need for traditional impressions with paste that sometimes make you nauseous! Simply pass the camera over the dental and oral structures to record them in 3D. This allows us to avoid the use of impression pastes that are so dreaded by patients. In addition, the high precision of this technology gives the dental prosthesis unequaled comfort.

Once the recording of the oral structures has been completed, our denturist in St-Jerome uses editing software that offers an impressive library of teeth of different shapes and sizes. This makes it possible to personalize the smile in relation to the shape of the face and to meet the aesthetic requirements of the patient. In other words, the patient can choose their smile. The software also makes it possible to ideally position the teeth in relation to the jaws, thus considerably improving masticatory efficiency and the stability of the dental prosthesis; a problem that most denture wearers are familiar with.

At this stage, our St-Jerome denturist will print a model for a chewing test at home, which was totally impossible before these latest technological advances.

Digital technology allows the use of a whole range of new materials that lend themselves well to lab staining and makeup. This allows us to obtain prostheses that offer an incomparable finish and aesthetics. The dental prosthesis becomes a true work of art, which is also reproducible as needed thanks to the saved digital file.

The advantages of digital denturology:

  • Digital impressions with an intraoral scanner without impression paste
  • Optimal digital tooth assembly and mock-up printing to test esthetics, comfort and chewing at home
  • Incomparable aesthetics
  • Unparalleled comfort
  • Possibility of redoing other dental prostheses in the event of loss, break or replacement, from the recorded digital file

Schedule an appointment with our denturist in St-Jerome to learn more about our modern denturology technologies and discover the solutions available to you for your dental and oral health.


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