Invisalign retainer: The many advantages

Invisalign orthodontic treatment is a technology that can correct several dental malocclusions. It is a device in the form of shells that are custom made from impressions of your teeth. Millions of patients have used this type of treatment over the past few years and its popularity continues to grow.

These transparent Invisalign retainers provide a multitude of benefits. The following article cites some of them in order to enlighten you on this orthodontic treatment plan. You will then be able to analyze whether this treatment is suitable for you.

Advanced technology 

The research and development work is intensive. The improvement and progress of this treatment are constant. The goal: to achieve optimal efficiency! By opting for this treatment, you can be sure to have superior quality care thanks to cutting-edge technology.

Comfort and aesthetics 

Many patients dread metal braces, often for reasons of comfort and aesthetics. Invisalign treatments have been specially created to solve these problems.

This treatment offers optimal comfort thanks to the composition of this vivera material. This removable retainer adapts easily to your daily life. The machining of the aligners is of great precision, meaning each of the boxes are unique and molded to the mouth of a specific patient. This guarantees a very good adaptation of the aligners and therefore little irritation of the surrounding tissues. 

The (almost) invisible gutters make this treatment go almost unnoticed – making the aesthetics of this technology a major argument for many people.

The sensitivity of your teeth: reduced to the maximum

The Invisalign treatment acts in a very subtle way, at a rate of 0.1 mm per week. You will hardly feel the effects when it will start to shift with the help of this alignment technology. 

Transparent aligners greatly reduce pain and tooth sensitivity. The work is done gently, but efficiently. You can straighten your teeth to have a beautiful smile without any pain!

No dietary restrictions

More traditional orthodontic care often requires adjusting different eating habits. Sticky or hard-to-eat foods are often best avoided.

With removable Invisalign retainers, all foods are allowed. You can remove the device at any time to eat or drink. You should know that, for the treatment to be effective, the aligners must be in the mouth for a minimum of 22 hours a day.

The patient can also remove their aligners for certain events that they consider important, such as a family reunion or a wedding.

Simplified oral hygiene

The aligners are removable. The patient can therefore remove them when brushing and flossing. Cleaning habits should therefore not be changed when wearing Invisalign. 

plan rapproché de la main d'un dentiste tenant un invisalign

Suitable for all

This invisible dental appliance is suitable for all age groups. It can treat malocclusions in children, adolescents, adults, and even seniors. Since they are custom developed, the shells can adapt to all types of mouths.

It is important to specify that certain severe cases require the wearing of traditional braces. Your orthodontic specialist will be able to advise you accordingly with the help of all your data on file.

The frequency of appointments is reduced

With Invisalign retainers, your appointments with the dentist or orthodontist are much less frequent. Your visits are shorter and usually consist of changing your aligners for new ones. In the long term, you save a lot of time, which allows you to go about your other occupations! 

Invisalign: the choice for everyone!

Invisalign treatment allows you to have a beautiful smile while obtaining incomparable peace of mind. Opt to wear a retainer to solve various problems, while maintaining an exceptional quality of life.

The Sourire Concept team welcomes you in a friendly environment, where the exchange between professionals and patients is at the center of priorities. Do not hesitate to contact us to make an appointment!


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