Complete Dental Examination

A routine dental exam includes a comprehensive oral health assessment, data analysis and a treatment plan recommendation.

Whether you are referred to our clinic, found us online or have already been a patient following an Dental emergency, at Sourire Concept, you will be treated like a VIP during your complete dental check-up. At least, that’s what our patients say! In most cases, this is our first real meeting with the patient, and our team is fully attentive to your expectations to be able to meet all of your needs. We offer a complete range of care, from the most basic to the most elaborate, in order to maintain or improve your oral health while respecting your wishes. Following your dental exam, the Sourire Concept team will suggest a unique and personalized treatment plan.



Length: Approximately 2 hours

  1. You will be welcomed by the dental treatment coordinator. In addition to helping you fill out the health questionnaire, the dental treatment coordinator will discuss your expectations with you, will answer all of your questions and will also give you a tour of the clinic.
  2. The dental treatment coordinator and the dental hygienist will gather information for the dentist, which includes: intraoral and extra oral photographs, complete radiological  assessment, examination of joints, muscles, lymph nodes, oral mucous membranes, gums, teeth and occlusion, and screening for cancerous and precancerous lesions using VELscope. We do not miss a thing!
  3. Once all the necessary information has been obtained, you will meet with the dentist who will have a similar discussion with you regarding your expectations and answer any questions you may have; he then verifies your file and if necessary will obtain or ask for additional information (such as taking additional impressions, for example). This will allow the dentist to establish, with the dental treatment coordinator and the dental hygienist, a personalized treatment plan (or plans), entirely adapted to your needs and expectations.
  4. During a second appointment, the dental treatment coordinator will meet with you to discuss the different treatment options suggested by the dentist and his team. You now have been informed of your options and it is up to you to decide what to do.

Advantages of the Complete Dental Examination

A full dental check-up allows:

  1. To obtain an overall image of your oral health,
  2. To answer your questions, and
  3. To offer you a personalized treatment plan, entirely adapted to your needs and expectations.