Dental Crowns and Bridges

A proven and durable solution used to cover a damaged tooth or to replace one or more missing teeth! 

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Improved aesthetics 

A dental crown is a cap that completely covers a damaged or weakened tooth. It consists of an artificial tooth, which is completely custom-made, allowing you to regain the natural appearance of your smile, while providing protection to the tooth on which the crown rests.

A dental bridge is a set of welded crowns that replace one or more missing teeth. We usually install a bridge between two crowns, therefore filling in the space of the missing teeth. This alternative is also tailor-made in order to enhance and correct your smile effectively. Since many different types of dental bridges are available, your dentist is the best person to determine which option is best suited to your needs.


couronne dentaire en céramique

Ultra-Resistant Material

At Sourire Concept, we offer long-lasting care that is always adapted to your specific condition, which is why the dental crowns and bridges we use are made of ultra-resistant ceramic. In doing so, today’s dental crowns and bridges represent a marked improvement over previous generations.

“All-Ceramic” crowns and bridges eliminate the metal from your mouth, enhancing the aesthetics and durability of these prosthetics. 

Steps to obtaining a dental crown or bridge

1. Diagnosis

Once the proper diagnosis is made, our team will propose a second appointment to proceed with the intervention. The dentist will explain the process and the upcoming appointments to you. If CEREC, only one appointment is required!

2. Preparation

The dentist prepares your tooth in order to receive the dental crown. For a dental bridge, the dentist prepares the two teeth adjacent to the missing tooth or the missing teeth. This process is entirely harmless.

3. Production

The dental crown is made to measure in the laboratory, or on site thanks to CEREC. In the case of a dental bridge, the replacement tooth and the two dental crowns are custom-made in a single piece, following the same process as the crown.

4. Placement

The dentist will cement the dental crown into place permanently. For a dental bridge, the dentist will cement the bridge to the two adjacent healthy teeth. You will thus regain the appearance of a natural, aesthetic and long-lasting smile.

Advantages of “All-Ceramic” Dental Crowns and Bridges

icône charte dentaire
Improved durability

The material used offers a very long lifespan

icône protection des dents
Enhanced protection

These implants protect a fractured or damaged tooth 

icône dent
Natural aesthetics

The dental crown/bridge replaces the missing teeth 

icône dent brillante
Improved appearance

They hide a malformation or discoloration

icône dent rouage
Complete strengthening

They increase the strength of the fractured or worn tooth 

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