Dental Fillings

Composite resins restore original shape and function to your teeth by filling the cavity left by decay removal.

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Repairing a tooth cavity with dental fillings 

Cavities and tooth decay are usually caused by a combination of a high-sugar diet, poor oral hygiene, or fewer mineralized teeth, making the teeth more fragile. The bacteria naturally present in our mouths cling to our teeth causing dental plaque. When dental plaque is not properly removed by brushing alone, the bacteria transform the sugars from our food into acid, which then attacks the tooth enamel. 

When tooth decay begins, the dentist must remove the part of the affected tooth and place a composite resin filling to restore its original shape and function. This is why, at Sourire Concept, we urge you to visit your dentist regularly to prevent tooth decay as soon as possible.

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When should you consult?

The earlier the tooth cavity is detected, the smaller and longer-lasting the dental filling will be. When the decay reaches a more advanced stage, we must proceed with a root canal, a crown, or CEREC, depending on the case. Large fillings tend to cause cracks and fractures over time. 

Silver fillings have long been used and are now replaced by white fillings. The silver filling is in fact a metal alloy composed of lead, silver and mercury, among other components. Composite resin fillings are now used instead. Without any metal components, they originate from nanotechnology and are known for their aesthetic beauty.

Steps to repairing teeth cavities

1. Evaluation

Decay attacks the enamel first and can quickly form a cavity in the tooth. At this point, if the enamel is not punctured, the dentist can treat the decay with fluoride agents and prevent your tooth from needing to be restored.

2. Restoration

When the decay reaches the dentine, your dentist must repair the tooth. The decayed tooth material will be removed and filled with a composite resin. This  intervention only requires one appointment and is performed under local anaesthesia.

3. Personalized

The composite resin filling is made entirely to measure. It is therefore inserted into your tooth, then modeled and polished in order to respect its morphology. Our team takes great care and precision.

4. Durability

Once properly in place, the filling is cured by polymerization (blue light). Our team at Sourire Concept constantly strives to make your dental and oral care comfortable and entirely hassle-free. 

The advantages of dental fillings

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Improved Health

Do not contain any mercury, contrary to dental amalgam (“silver filling”)

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Choice of shades

We offer a wide variety of shades in order to match the exact color of your teeth

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The dental filling is durable and is entirely custom-made

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