Pediatric Dentistry

The goal of pediatric dentistry is to provide children and teenagers with healthy teeth and healthy oral hygiene habits.

As soon as your child’s first teeth (primary teeth) come in, we recommend that you make an appointment with your dentist. At Sourire Concept, our dentists and dental hygienists are more than happy to give you and your child advice on a variety of matters, including decay and malocclusion prevention, as well as good oral health habits. From a young age, we encourage children to take care of their teeth as good habits last a lifetime. In addition to ensuring proper chewing abilities, taking good care of the primary teeth helps maintain a sufficiently large space once they fall out and permanent teeth replace them. Our dentists and hygienists will often remind you that: good oral hygiene and prevention are essential, especially considering the fragility of the primary teeth. Should a cavity develop, it is important that is treated quickly to prevent the pain and infection from settling. For young and old alike, having beautiful teeth and a gorgeous smile is important for one’s confidence and self-esteem!


Orthodontic Follow-Up

With every one of your children’s visits to the clinic, we provide an orthodontic follow-up to ensure the normal phonetic, muscular, bone, dental and aesthetic development.

Dental Sealants

When your child reaches the age of six or seven years, the dentist can recommend dental sealants for permanent teeth to prevent cavities. To prevent cavities, sealants are placed in the grooves of the biting surfaces of the back teeth to prevent the development of bacteria (which is the main cause for cavities) in places harder to reach with brushing. At Sourire Concept, this technique is used for children as well as for adults.

Advantages of Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric dentistry:

  1. Ensures the proper development of primary teeth,
  2. Allows children to adopt proper oral hygiene habits from an early age, and
  3. Prevents cavities.