Smile Makeover

The restoration of the smile can be done by orthodontics, Invisalign, gum adjustment, restoration or whitening.

You are not happy with your smile? You would like to change the shape, the color, and position of your teeth?

The experienced and knowledgeable dentists at Sourire Concept are able to help you obtain the smile you are dreaming of.


The restoration or the reconstruction of a smile may require one or more procedures:

  1. Traditional orthodontics or Invisalign to correct the shape and the position of teeth,
  2. Adjustment to the shape of the gums,
  3. Veneers or crowns to correct the shape and the position of the teeth,
  4. Bridges or implants to replace missing teeth, and
  5. Whitening for a more beautiful and uniform color.

Our dentists have expertise in these specialty areas, allowing them to properly assess the procedures required to achieve the desired result.



  1. Once a proper diagnosis is established, a second appointment for the consultation will be given.
  2. During this consultation, your objectives are carefully evaluated, and impressions and photographs are taken. You will also be shown examples of treatments performed at the clinic. In the days that follow, the dentist carries out a thorough study of your smile as well as your bite. The dentist will test different procedures on the molds of your plaster teeth.
  3. During a second meeting, the dentist shows you what aesthetic results you can expect on plaster models or by computer simulations. The dentist will explain in detail all treatment options and the associated costs so that you can make an informed decision.

Advantages of a Smile Makeover

  1. As there are many possible treatments, we evaluate your needs to provide you with a personalised result.
  2. The dentists at Sourire Concept possess a cutting-edge expertise to provide you with beautiful teeth … and a gorgeous smile!