What advantages can dental implants offer me?

Dental implants represent a permanent, versatile and ideal solution to replace one or more missing teeth. Since the root of the tooth is missing, a titanium root must be inserted on which the artificial tooth can be affixed.

A true area of expertise in dentistry, dental implants are very popular and offer several long-term benefits for patients. Here is a quick overview of what you need to know to make an informed choice.

What are the advantages of dental implants?

In addition to being more aesthetic and natural looking, the placement of dental implants offers the same appearance as your original teeth, allows better chewing of food and helps to slow or stop bone loss that occurs in the absence of teeth. Not only do they eliminate the discomfort experienced by wearing dentures, but they also eliminate the pain associated with it.

Going through this sort of dental implant surgery will also play a big role in your general oral hygiene. Any tooth replacement will greatly improve any ongoing decay that might spread through your mouth while some of your teeth might contaminate other ones in the future. 

Dental implants are fixed, so there is no possibility of discomforts during daily activities such as eating, especially since there is no need to avoid certain foods. Designed in accordance with your skeleton and based on your physiology, the artificial teeth will be much more comfortable than a prosthesis, especially for the long term.

You should know, however, that dental implants are not for everyone! It is recommended to:

  1. Maintain a good oral and dental health
  2. Have healthy gums
  3. Have a bone base strong enough to support the implants

Why is it an investment?

Dental implants are said to represent a real investment for the patient thanks to their lifespan. When properly maintained, implants can last for dozens of years without moving. In the long term, the health of your jaw will be preserved and improve success rates of recovering from an existing dental condition you might have. 

The costs of an oral surgery may seem significant at first glance, but it is the most advantageous option since the total cost can be extended over the life of the implants. By defraying these costs, you are putting the odds on your side to improve your oral health!

Finally, it should be noted that the surgical procedure of dental implants takes a few months of several appointments . Your dentist will be able to explain the complete process, from the first dental print to the final placement in your mouth.

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