What happens if I lose or break my Invisalign®?

Invisalign® is a modern technology in orthodontics that uses a series of custom-made invisible aligners that are unique to each patient. Invisalign® treatments make it possible to perform simple orthodontic corrections by gradually and painlessly moving the teeth.

A series of Invisalign® aligners are made according to the treatment plan developed by your dentist or orthodontist and these aligners are changed at regular intervals until the end of the treatment (when the teeth have reached their final position).

I lost/broke one of my Invisalign® aligners – what should I do?

Invisalign® aligners are made to move teeth gently and gradually. It is therefore essential to wear the aligners in the correct order and to properly follow the advice of your orthodontist. We recommend that you always put your invisible aligner back in its case when you need to remove it to avoid breaking or losing it. As for previous aligners (from completed weeks), it is advisable to keep them in a case or somewhere safe until the end of your treatment so that you can reuse them if necessary.

If you break or lose an aligner from your Invisalign® treatment, we may advise you to try to use the next aligner, even if it is a little tight, and to add the number of days that correspond to the invisible aligner missing in order to compensate for the processing time. If it is impossible to put the next aligner, we recommend using the aligner from the previous step, and contacting your orthodontist so that they can place an order for a replacement Invisalign® aligner. Replacement costs will then be charged and a new aligner will be produced based on the impressions of your mouth taken during your first consultation, according to the stage you have reached.

If you have lost or broken an aligner, the best person who can advise you is your dentist or orthodontist!

Contact us quickly so that we can offer you advice on the best way to proceed and avoid negatively impacting your Invisalign® treatment!


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