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Learn more about a dental clinic that puts patient comfort at the center of its practice!
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Devoted to the wellbeing of our patients

Our goal is to provide you with comprehensive care for your entire family’s oral health. Thanks to a multidisciplinary team of competent practitioners, we can offer services that meet all your dentistry needs, such as oral surgery, prosthodontics, implantology, periodontology, endodontics and orthodontics.

In addition to the professionalism we demonstrate, we believe that the health and happiness of our patients also depend on a dedicated team and superior quality care that we uphold by offering proven technologies.


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Comfortable dental care, every time!

At Sourire Concept, each patient is considered a member of the family. Whether you are coming in for a routine examination, cleaning and scaling, orthodontics or for personalized dental care and treatments, we will be happy to answer all your questions and count you among our patients!

We continually invest in cutting-edge technologies in order to offer you maximum comfort during your visit. In addition to allowing us to achieve high standards, this allows our patients to obtain more accurate diagnoses and treatments that are much more predictable. The use of these technologies is reflected in particular on the quality and durability of the care you receive at Sourire Concept.


A clinic focused on excellence

The Team

Over the years, we have succeeded in forming an exceptional team where each person plays an essential role. From secretaries to hygienists, including assistants and treatment coordinators, each member has been carefully chosen for their outstanding personal and professional qualities. Thanks to their passion, our patients leave the clinic with a healthy smile at each visit!


Our talented dentists, who are passionate about their art, share the same vision: to provide you with excellence in modern dentistry. We want your visit to be painless and stress-free, making it a pleasant experience for your whole family. If you wonder why their work is often applauded, it is because their professionalism, their experience and their deep human qualities make all the difference!

Portrait de face d'une dentiste
Dr. Mathieu Vachon


Portrait rapproché d'un homme portant des lunettes
Dr. Jamil El Kabbaj


Photo d'une femme mature aux cheveux blonds
Dr. Guylaine Charron


Portrait de face d'une dentiste
Dr. Sophie Delisle


Portrait rapproché d'une femme portant des lunettes aviateur
Dr. Isabelle Cyr


Portrait de face d'une femme aux cheveux noirs
Dr. Tara Tobagi


Photo d'un denturologiste
Jordan Magny



Our dental hygienists, who work in collaboration with the dentists, examine your mouth for dental disease, check the condition of your gums and teeth as well as the condition of existing fillings and dental restorations, and will then scale and polish your teeth. They provide the dentist with their observations and advise you on how to properly care for your teeth at home.


The team behind Sourire Concept

Dental Assistants

The dental assistants are responsible for your well-being and keep you informed regarding the steps of your dental procedure. They ensure that the operating room and the required dental equipment are properly organized during the treatments or surgical procedures and must assist the dentist. They must also sterilize all dental and surgical instruments used during your treatment in the operating room


From the moment you walk into Sourire Concept, they are the first people you encounter. The administrative staff manages and ensures the proper operation of the dental clinic. Whether it is to obtain an appointment or to respond to your requests, they will guide you to the professional who can help you.

  • Our secretaries : Bénédicte, Andrée-Ann, Kelly-Anne and Mireille
  • Our treatment coordinators : Véronique, Joanie and Sacha
  • Our managers : Nathalie and Sofia
  • Our hygienists : Émilie, Marta, Anouk, Crystel, Marie-Hélène and Noémy
  • Our dental assistants : Kristina, Roxanne, Claudine, Valérie, Gabrielle and Marie-Pier
  • Our dentists : Dr. Jamil El Kabbaj, Dr. Louis Poirier, Dre. Guylaine Charron, Dr. Mathieu Vachon, Dre. Sophie Delisle, Dre. Isabelle Cyr and Dre. Tara Tobagi
  • Our denturist : Benoît Hébert
  • Our general manager : Amine El Kabbaj
Photo panoramique de l'équipe de Sourire Concept

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