Visit the first dental clinic in Quebec that offered entirely digital denturology services!

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A Cutting-Edge Clinic

Sourire Concept knows how to team up! Our denturist, Jordan Martin-Magny, uses state-of-the-art digital technology equipment. This allows him to produce dental prosthesis in an even more precise and comfortable way while also reducing the amount of appointments necessary! We use a specialized optical camera to record all the images of your mouth or dentures. Afterwards, using a series of software, we are able to deliver optimal results.

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Comfort Above All

At Sourire Concept, we are proud to count our denturist Jordan Martin-Magny on our team. Jordan is also using one of the great advantages of digital technology. With the help of recent technologies, it is now possible to bring home a 3D printed resin version of your future final dentures. Designed and printed using cutting edge 3D printers, this innovation allows dental prosthesis patients to perform real chewing and stability tests in the comfort of their own home. This service is intended to offer a sense of security about the final results to be expected and it is highly appreciated by our customers. 

Consult our denturist Jordan Martin-Magny for your dental prosthesis and all your denturology needs. You can be assured of a job performed with the greatest care!

Stages of making dental prostheses

1. Initial Scan

During this first preparation visit, all the data required for the manufacture of your dental prostheses is scanned using an optical camera.

2. Assembly

Using specialized software, a digital model of your gums is created along with the positioning and relationship between the upper and lower gums. Then, from a virtual tooth library, the creation of your new smile can finally begin!

3. Temporary Prosthesis

Fabrication of the temporary dental prosthesis using 3D printed resin (this is the trial model that you bring home to perform a chewing and comfort test).

4. Final Tests

The denturist proceeds to test the final models. Now is the time to see how comfortable you are or if any improvements are needed!

5. Delivery

You will pass by to the clinic to receive your final dentures, which are freshly painted and carefully varnished.

Advantages of Denturology

icône coeur
Quality of Life

Aesthetics and comfort at the cutting edge of technology!

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Easy Procedure

No more painful prints using paste in your mouth!

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Friendly Visits

Significant reduction in the number of clinic visits

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Initial Test

Possibility to try out the models at home, stress-free.

Meet our digital denturology professional

Jordan Martin-Magny, denturist

Jordan Magny has been practicing denturology providing the best technique to meet the needs of his clientele. He remains on the lookout for the latest technologies in his field.

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