The denturology professional designs and repairs complete or partial dentures, and prostheses on custom implants.

Do you need full or partial dentures, or prostheses on implants? Make an appointment with our denturologist, Mr. Benoît Hébert. He is specially experienced in prostheses on implants and works in collaboration with the dentists of Sourire Concept on the rehabilitation on implant cases. If you want to regain the comfort and function of your natural teeth, we will offer you the treatment plan that will meet your needs and expectations. We are also able to repair, modify, adjust or maintain removable dentures.


  1. Once the diagnosis is made, a second appointment will be given to start the treatment.
  2. Depending on your condition, the denturologist discusses with you all aspects of the appropriate treatment.

The denturologist is able to:

  1. Take impressions,
  2. Create complete or partial dentures,
  3. Adjust removable dentures, and
  4. Ensure the monitoring, follow-up and repair of dental equipment.

Advantages of Denturology

  1. At Sourire Concept, we offer the service of denturology within our establishment.
  2. Together with your dentist at Sourire Concept, our denturology service is comprehensive and is coordinated with your existing treatment plans.