Gum disease / Periodontal

Periodontitis is an inflammation of the gums causing swelling, redness, bleeding and infections that can lead to tooth loss.

At times, the build-up of tartar on the gums can cause inflammation. The gums swell, become red and painful, and then bleed for no apparent reason. The dental hygienists and dentists at Sourire Concept are very attentive to these symptoms because they recognize that they are early signs of gum disease, also referred to as periodontitis. This condition causes inflammation that can lead to infection, and may spread to the bone under the gums. This bone, to which our teeth are connected, is then destroyed by the infection. If periodontal disease is not treated, it can lead the teeth loosening or the loss of the teeth altogether.



  1. The dentist performs a medical assessment, a dental X-ray examination and a periodontal chart. He may choose to treat a bacterial infection with antibiotics in conjunction with nonsurgical or surgical treatment(s), or both. Once the proper diagnosis is made, you will be given a second appointment for the procedure, should a treatment be required.
  2. During this second appointment, your dentist performs a supra-gingival scaling (periodontal pockets). The dentist then performs a root planning procedure to eliminate subgingival calculus. The pockets can be filled with an antibiotic to help with the healing and eliminate any residual bacteria.
  3. The dentist will provide you with proper oral hygiene instructions.

Advantages of Periodontal Prevention

  1. Prevention and treatment of periodontitis in order to avoid severe deterioration of teeth.
  2. A proper diagnosis can resolve many symptoms of periodontitis which may include unexplained bleeding, pain, redness or swelling, bad breath, teeth loosening, and suppuration.
  3. You should visit your dentist regularly, once or twice a year, to detect any signs of abnormal inflammation that can lead to periodontitis.