Dental Veneers: Which option should I choose?

Veneers are an innovative cosmetic dentistry treatment that improves the overall appearance of your teeth. They are usually placed on the front surface and side of your teeth which are visible when you smile. During the process, your dentist will fix the veneer directly onto the surface of the tooth to give it a beautiful and natural look.

Our dentists use veneers to treat cavities and repair broken teeth, but also to improve your smile. By changing the color, size, position or distance between your teeth, we can improve the appearance of your smile.

There are many different types of dental veneers. Veneers are designed to be thin and resistant to stains. In addition to being durable enough to withstand the daily wear and tear on your teeth. In this article, you will discover which solution is best for you and which material to choose in your particular situation.

facette en céramique

Ceramic veneers

One of the most popular types of veneers is the ceramic veneers. They are proven to be an excellent choice for many patients for the following reasons:

  • The natural appearance
  • The ability to replicate the look of your real teeth
  • The durability of the product

Ceramic dental veneers are the perfect solution as they are highly resistant to damage or breakage like chipped or cracked teeth. They are very sustainable in the long term, they never change color because they are stain resistant, and they will give you an aesthetic smile.

The different steps of the process:

  1. The first consultation: The first appointment with the dentist is the explanation process during which all your concerns are addressed. Once this is done, the dentist makes a precise diagnosis. Following this step, the procedure is completed in two additional visits.
  2. Tooth shaping: The dentist gently shapes your teeth by removing a thin layer. This is a delicate step that requires a great deal of skill and expertise by the dentist.
  3. Dental impressions: Sourire Concept, is equipped with all the latest technologies and the most advanced tools. The impressions of the teeth will be taken with the help of a laser camera. Afterwards, the impressions are transmitted to the laboratory for the prep of the veneers.
  4. The end result: This is the magical moment when the dentist removes the temporary veneers and installs the final veneers. The dentist adjusts your permanent veneers until they are correctly placed. All efforts are made to give you a perfect smile.

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Resin veneers

Resin veneers are popular due to their cost effectiveness. In addition, dental veneers can be applied in a single treatment, reducing the number of visits to the dentist. The other benefits of Resin veneers are the following: 

  • They require less preparation of the tooth 
  • The cost is generally lower than ceramic veneers
  • A natural teeth look can be achieved with high quality resin veneers

Resin dental veneers are more affordable, but they are more delicate. They have a tendency to discolor over time and to wear out faster. The aesthetic appearance of this type of veneer will deteriorate at an earlier stage. However, this type of veneer is an efficient temporary solution.

The different steps of the process:

    1. The first consultation: The dentist will conduct an evaluation and provide you with all the necessary details. A diagnosis will be made and a second appointment will be scheduled for treatment.
    2. Tooth shaping: The dentist will shape your teeth and remove a very thin layer. This procedure requires the expertise of a skilled dentist. The clinic’s team of skilled practitioners provides services that meet all your needs.
    3. Optimal protection: A treatment will be performed to make the surface rough and to facilitate the adhesion of the composite veneer. The chosen color will match the color of the patient’s teeth for an impeccable finish. A teeth whitening before this procedure is recommended for the best result if applicable.
    4. Meticulous application: The composite resin will be applied one layer at a time, respecting the importance of curing the different layers between each application.
    5. The end result: After the dentist has reached the desired thickness and the resin has solidified. The dentist shapes and polishes your teeth to give them a natural and harmonious appearance. Your smile is restored to perfection and gives you the confidence you need.

One of the most important features of dental veneers is their ability to restore broken teeth and give you a straighter smile. These veneers can transform the look and shape of your teeth to give you that dream smile you’ve always wanted. Remember that oral hygiene is still required with these veneers. To maintain your veneers for a prolonged period of time, proper oral health care is mandatory.

You are now familiar with the different materials used for dental veneers. As well as the step-by-step procedures depending on the type of veneer, allowing you to make a wise decision. In any case, it is recommended to discuss this solution with your dentist. This is the best person to answer your questions and establish a treatment plan based on your dental condition.



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