Do’s and don’ts of Invisalign® treatment

Invisalign® orthodontic treatment can permanently transform your smile! This virtually invisible orthodontic treatment option uses aligners to straighten teeth. Invisalign® offers an interesting alternative to traditional metal braces and orthodontic treatment.

To ensure the best result, it’s essential to know the dos and don’ts of treatment. Learn what our Invisalign® specialist advises you to do, and what mistakes to avoid.

The do’s of Invisalign® treatment

Personne apportant ses gouttières invisalign à sa bouche

Following these tips will help you achieve the best results and prevent any problems during treatment.

Wear your aligners as much as possible

It’s important to wear your Invisalign® clear aligners for 22 hours per day. They are only to be removed when eating and brushing your teeth. The effectiveness of your Invisalign orthodontic treatment depends on it.

Follow the treatment plan

You must follow your orthodontist’s instructions when changing your Invisalign® aligners. In this sense, it’s essential to follow the pre-established treatment plan. Aligners are to be switched to a new set every two weeks on average. Each of the aligners will progressively move your teeth, until they reach their proper position.

Maintain good oral hygiene

Maintaining good oral health during your treatment is a guarantee of success. Be sure to brush and floss your teeth after every meal or snack before putting your aligners back in. Also, clean your plastic aligners regularly to prevent them from turning yellow or having a smell.

Keep your aligners in a safe place

When you remove your aligners, place them in their box or case to avoid losing or damaging them. Find out what to do in the event of a lost or broken aligner in our article available here.

The don’ts of Invisalign® treatment

Femme regardant par la fenêtre tenant une cuillère de métal à sa bouche

To successfully align your teeth and limit the number of problems, it’s important to follow this advice.

Neglecting to wear aligners

The procedure can take from 6 to 18 months on average, depending on the type of malocclusion to be resolved. That said, forgetting to wear your aligners for long periods can compromise the results of your treatment.

Please note that some treatments take longer to reach their final position. Your orthodontist is in the best position to estimate the duration of your treatment.

Eating and drinking with aligners

Food and drink can stain or damage aligners. So it’s important to remove your Invisalign® aligners before eating or drinking anything other than water.

Making unauthorized adjustments

Do not attempt to adjust the aligners yourself. Any adjustments to braces must be made by your Invisalign® specialist.

If you experience any discomfort during your treatment, don’t hesitate to contact your dental center. Your orthodontist has the knowledge to answer your questions and adapt your treatment if necessary.

Choosing Sourire Concept means opting for dental professionals who take your oral health to heart. You’ll get effective advice tailored to your specific situation and needs.

Getting the smile of your dreams has never been easier, thanks to the dental care available at Sourire Concept. Start the process with a perfectly straight smile today by booking an appointment!


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