Teeth Whitening

With its revolutionary whitening formula, the Kör whitening system gives radiance to teeth that have lost their whiteness.


At Sourire Concept, we use the reputable Kör teeth whitening system. Developed by the celebrity Dr. Rod Kurthy, it is considered one of the best whitening treatments in the world.

If your teeth have lost their brightness due to coffee, wine, tea, or simply because of age, you are an ideal candidate for the teeth whitening treatment. After years of research, Kör has unveiled its Tri-Barrel Hydremide® Peroxide formulation and whitening gel delivery system.

By keeping the products separately inside three insulated compartments, it is then possible to add a large concentration of ingredients inside each product. The formula is therefore more sophisticated and more efficient.



  1. You will discuss your needs and expectations with your dentist. We will take the impressions of your teeth in order to make teeth whitening trays adapted to your jaw. You will be given an appointment for the treatment at the clinic.
  2. In most cases, treatment at the clinic and an at-home treatment procedure are required.
  3. The duration of the at-home treatment increases according to the process (there are 4 levels). The level of treatment is determined according to your needs and expectations.

Advantages of Kör Whitening

  1. For the first time in dentistry, even the most resistant stains, such as tetracycline and fluorosis, can be eliminated.
  2. The Kör teeth whitening system makes it possible to achieve desired results more quickly.